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There has never been a more dynamic time to be in the field of public relations with tremendous opportunity to contribute to both business and society. The Council of PR Firms plays a critical role in advancing both our profession, and the continued development of our professionals. From education to ethics to advocacy, the Council’s work will both ensure we make the most of today’s opportunity while shaping our industry for years to come.

Matthew Harrington, Chief Operating Officer, Edelman
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    September 2014

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Atlanta Take Flight

The Council is bringing together some of the industry’s leading talents with our future talent at the campus of Clark Atlanta University

2014 Critical Issues Forum

This year’s Critical Issues Forum – The PR Genome: Mapping Our Industry’s Future – is not to be missed. Join us as we look at how the public relations industry is rapidly transforming and the disruptive forces that are shaping its future.

Winner of the 2nd “Take Flight with PR” Video Contest Announced

The Council of Public Relations Firms has named Zoë Hoffmann from Hofstra University the winner of the 2nd “Take Flight with PR” video contest.

Using a mix of animation and video in her submission, “Loans that Change Lives,” Hoffmann persuasively communicated her dream PR assignment of working for the non-profit Kiva, which connects entrepreneurs in impoverished communities to lenders. Judges cited the video’s high production value as well as Hoffmann’s passion and PR strategy as deciding factors in her winning.

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Firm Voice Blog

Peter Sheahan

How We’re Responsible for the Procurement Trap—And How We Can Escape It

Professionals in many industries are feeling squeezed by the cost-cutting efforts of procurement departments. What we might not recognize is the extent to which we ourselves are to blame for this. We’ve worked hard to deliver new value and to master emerging market needs. But when it comes to selling ourselves, we shrink from the…


The Mentors Who Move Us

This piece is dedicated to my late friend and mentor Tom Mackay who taught me a great deal about the business side of running a PR firm.   Before Hilary McKean left for college, she had already learned some valuable lessons. A partner and managing director at Ketchum, McKean recalls that her father built up a…

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